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Fearless Book Group - The Starting Over TV Show LiveJournal
We are better than the Official Starting Over Messageboard! We are civilized!
Fearless Book Group
Posting here worked in terms of getting some clients.. so I hope this will too!
I'm in Rhonda Britten's coaching program and one of the requirements is to run a Fearless Book group.
Please let em know if you are interested! Thanks! I'm in my 10 month of the program, about to graduate, you will receive some coaching while participating!

What if I told you... you could change the way you think (and feel) about your work, your relationships and your life while learning how to get unstuck for good, eliminate negative self-talk forever and become fearless!

Join this Fearless Book Group TODAY!

Discover how working with a group of like-minded individuals, committed to supporting each other can help you move beyond fear to a life where risks will be taken, opportunities seized, and your dreams fulfilled.

Using the principles and tools in Rhonda Britten’s pioneering book, Fearless Living: Live Without Excuses and Love Without Regret, and the Fearless Study Guide you'll learn how to master the fears that keep you from feeling like a true success and having the life you want.


If you aren’t completely satisfied with the life you have, I invite you to join this Fearless Book Group and experience Fearless Living.


Meetings will take place Wednesday evenings
from 8:00pm – 9:00pm Eastern time via telephone conference
and will begin Wednesday, November 14th
and continue for 10 weeks.
Course fee is $100; $10 per class/hour.

You’re worth it!


This class will be facilitated by Lynne Fisher, current program candidte in the Fearless Living Life Coaching program. www.fearlessliving.org



The book can be purchased on amazon.com for about $3.00!


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