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My quest to get Starting Over online - The Starting Over TV Show LiveJournal
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My quest to get Starting Over online
Hi Everyone,
My name is Sam. I was so happy to find this community!
I realize no one's posted in a couple years or so, so I know I'm taking the chance that no one will respond to this or even read it. But I figured if that's the worst that could happen that's not that bad.
I watched parts of the third season when it ran on NBC in 2006. I really liked the show back then, and thought it was the coolest thing that there was a show about therapy type stuff as I was going off to get my undergraduate degree in psychology.
I also really loved the show as a totally blind person as it has a lot of dialogue and is fairly easy to follow.
I didn't get the chance to follow everyone through the third season, or obveously get to watch season one or two.
I was very disappointed when it was canceled as I know so many others were.
I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I know there were so many eppisodes that it wouldn't be very practical to put it on DVD. But I'm thinking that getting it on an online media site like netflix or youtube or hulu wouldn't be so bad as it could be uploaded over time. And in the cases of netflix or hulu, people would already be paying for the service anyway, and so could just watch it on streaming. And youtube is completely free. They say you can't have shows on there, but so many do. I think as long as you say you don't own the show it's ok.
Another thought I had was having the show audio described (a process where videos of the show are sent to a company, and naration is written and put in between the dialogue describing on screen action,) and put on a website called blindy.tv. This is a site that has the audio of many tv shows described for the blind. There would be no picture, but theoretically anyone blind or not could use the site.
I've been really struggling to find anyone who even has the show. I guess even the housemates don't have it, as I was recently in touch with Jessica. She said that she'd like to see it again as much as we would, because no one in her life tapped the show. She also wants to see a friend of hers that was on the show but not at the same time as her.
I've been trying to call NBC to discuss this with them and see their thoughts, but so far have only gotten as far as the receptionest.
If anyone has any other thoughts or ideas, or feels similar to me, or has suggestions please comment or e-mail me.
Thank you very much.

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angelamermaid From: angelamermaid Date: May 20th, 2013 06:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
FYI, the ONE network in Canada shows Season 1. Unfortunately they don't have the rights to more.
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